Why You Need To plan For Snow And Ice Removal In Summer

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Clearing Commercial Land
January 15, 2018
Factors That Affect The Cost Of Clearing Commercial Land
January 15, 2018
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Snow Removal Services

In the first place, there is no snow covering the ground which means a comprehensive assessment can be carried out. Planning beforehand will ensure that you obtain the appropriate materials and equipment for your property (do you recall the shortage of salt?)

In addition, when you make arrangements for the snow contract now-long before winter comes round-you will have adequate time to collect estimates, make an informed decision and formulate a sound plan for removing snow and/or ice .

The following are five reasons why we think it is highly advisable to hire a company that provides snow removal services immediately:

Improved accessibility and visibility when assessing properties

It is hard to identify the portions of the property that require clearing if you delay it till snow covers the ground. In addition, it is more comfortable to walk around the property during warm days and invest the required time and effort to determine potential safety risks and areas that need to be prioritized when a problem related to snow or ice occurs.

Snow / ice contractors are able to spot parking and traffic patterns before drawing up a program that you can evaluate.(You need to request the contractor to monitor your property in the daytime and at night).

Set aside the required equipment and procure salt

Ask about the kind of tools that the contractor will employ on your property. What type of vehicles do they have? What is the size of the crews that they deploy during winter storms? Removal of snow and ice requires special hand-push tools, heavy-duty trucks and skid-steer loaders. You need to ensure that the contractor is ready meet your property’s requirements.

This also applies to resources such as salt. Ask if the contractor procured the required quantity of salt to keep them going until the end of winter. Request them to give you an assurance that the property shall get sufficient ice-melting products. Be cautious if a contractor cannot give you an undertaking that they will provide ice-melting products. Due to considerable supply and demand problems with salt, some contractors were unable to obtain the lot they require. Preferably, the company that you partner with must be prepared.

Additional time to gather commercial snow removal bids

We do not advise you to collect bids from all contractors in the Northeast. By this point, you are focusing on a few competitive, properly-equipped companies with the necessary expertise and resources to perform the job. Therefore you need to make an effort to thoroughly vet these few, reliable options.

Obtain comprehensive property assessment from every one of them and establish how each company intends to deal with your snow clearing requirements. Find out their plan (and backup plan).If you embark on this process during summer, you will get more time to appropriately assess the contractors you are thinking about.

Schedule for snow/ice removal

Summer/Fall is a great time to formulate a commercial snow /ice management program. Snow /ice contractors have limited equipment and trucks, and a day only has 24 hours. The ability to clear the properties of clients is not limitless. And well-established companies normally have crowded schedules, which include servicing customers who renew contracts every year.

This is why it makes sense to hire a contractor during summer before the one you want you want becomes unavailable.

Plan in advance and develop a snow /ice management plan

It is certain that there will be snow in winter but the amount is not known. A snow and/or ice management plan helps to determine:

A. The potential risks on your property
B. The resources and equipment to employ during storms
C. The precautionary measures before snow/ice incidents

Let us discuss your snow /ice management plan, the method you can use to make the most of your snow/ice removal budget and the reason why you need to engage a CSP,ASCA and ISO-certified snow removal contractor. Talk to us any time or complete this simplified form and we will contact you.

Hiring any company can be a demanding and complicated task, but it is even more important to protect your property from getting damaged by snow and ice.


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