Factors That Affect The Cost Of Clearing Commercial Land

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clearing backyard
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December 27, 2017
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January 23, 2018

The cost of clearing commercial land is influenced by various factors, for example local authority regulations, size of the land and the kind of materials that need to be carried away. Clearing the land entails removing trees and bushes-basically clearing an area of land so it is empty and can be planted afresh. In case the land is bumpy and unfit for construction, it will also need to be graded.

Here are the factors that affect the cost of clearing commercial land:

1. How big is the area of land that you are clearing?

The cost of clearing land is usually calculated using square footage.

2. What requires to be carried away?

There might be extra charges for removing and carrying away waste products, instead of timber, for example.

3. Do you require a permit for clearing the land?

In case your land clearing project needs a permit from the local authorities, it is ultimately going to cost more. The cost of a permit can range from $50 to more than a few hundred dollars. Expenses can easily get out of control if you ignore the need for permits and plow on. You might get fined or worse still, the work may need to be repeated if just one little item is non-compliant.

4. Can the area be easily accessed by heavy machinery?

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This is among the most important things that contractors consider when assessing the site of a new project. It is not possible to carry out the work without using large machinery, yet it is very difficult to transport heavy equipment on some sites. Sometimes it may be necessary to construct access points and temporary roads so machinery can be brought in. If a site is particularly hard to access and work must be done manually, the costs rise because use of physical labor slows down the project.

5. What is the location of the site?

Some areas that are close to woodlands, wetlands or protected natural areas can cost more money and take longer to complete because you require you to get additional approval.

6. Do you also need grading services?

It is not possible to construct anything solid on land that is uneven and not graded properly. Obviously, grading is an extra cost over and above land clearing. We provide both commercial land clearing and grading services. Before grading is done, there may be fees for cleaning the site in order to prepare the area for the next phase of the construction process.

7. Does the project require a lot of grubbing?

Grubbing involves uprooting tree stumps from the ground. The process requires special skills and equipment and this means it can affect the total costs. Have a look at the area you intend to clear and establish the number of trees that are rooted into the ground.

8. Do you need to demolish anything?

In case there are preexistent walls, buildings or other structures on the land, demolition charges might be included in the overall costs of clearing the land.

9. Is an architect required for your project?

house demolitionUsually, you will require to consult with one or more architects when you are clearing land for building purposes. Architects help to make sure that the project is stable and safe in the long term and it adheres to the established building codes.

Procedure for preparing the site for land clearing

Check with the planning department in your local authority on the procedure of getting a proper permit. This ensures that from the outset, you have the right approval that is needed to commence working on the project. The permit might include authorization to clear the ground, but you may also need extra permits.

Find a trustworthy contractor to undertake the job.

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